Reader: Burritos served soaking wet are disgusting

In Denver, breakfast burritos are the breakfast of champions -- and just about everyone else, with drive-thru joints selling them on almost every corner, and vendors delivering them door-to-door in downtown office buildings. Still, some Denverites don't appreciate breakfast burritos -- or having to guess their origins. See also: Guess where I'm eating a hot breakfast burrito on a cold day?

Says Sally:

"Wet" burritos or anything purported to be Mexican food served soaking wet and swimming in sauce ladled on just prior to serving is disgusting. I'd kill for some readily available authentic central Mexican cuisine instead of every "Mexican" place thinking they can serve Sysco in a can and hide the flavorless crap under a quart of New Mexican green chili.

How do you feel about wet burritos? Do you have any central Mexican suggestions for Sally?

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