Reader: Can't wait to eat Brian Laird's food again

There have been several big restaurant openings in the past month -- including Old Major and Beast + Bottle -- but diners are already setting their sights on fall, when Brian Laird, longtime chef at Barolo (and most recently at Sketch and consulting with the Armoury), will open his own place, Sarto's in Jefferson Park.

You can quibble about the neighborhood's name ("Jefferson -- the next Highland," says Dave Barnes) and even that of the restaurant ("Sarto is Italian for tailor, so the name of this restaurant will be Tailor's in English," says Food Crazy. "Table in Italian is tavalo). But you can't quibble with Laird's talent.

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Says TheJeff:

You had me at "roving, dim sum-style carts, strewn with small plates, antipasti, wheels of cheeses and risottos." Can't wait to eat Laird's food again.

Will you head to Jefferson Park to eat Laird's Food again? And given the fact that Corner House is just a few blocks away, do you think this neighborhood needs a new culinary nickname?

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