Reader: Casa Bonita Is Awesome — But I Only Eat the Sopapillas

Casa Bonita celebrated its fortieth birthday last year, and the Pepto Bismol pink palace will collect an even bigger honor this morning: The Lakewood Historical Society is presenting a bronze marker to Casa Bonita’s general manager, honoring the restaurant’s new status as a Lakewood Historical Society Landmark. Yes, Casa Bonita is officially history — but it's not going anywhere. In fact, new owners of the strip where it resides are giving the place an overhaul, and they promise that their star tenant will stay.

Bree Davies wrote about the historical society award for Casa Bonita yesterday on our Arts blog, which inspired this from Jody:

Great place and lots of fun for the kids!

Which is one of the nicer things readers have said about Casa Bonita, an unofficial landmark (until now) that Denverites love to hate...especially after eating there. But they keep going back, in droves. Cheresa explains why:

I grew up going there and got really sick one time. I still love to go there because it's awesome, but I only eat the sopapillas!

Adds Randy:

Food sucks but it's all about finding the personality of our town. 

Bree will be at the ceremony today, documenting more of that personality; watch for her update Monday. In the meantime, share your thoughts on Casa Bonita in the comments section. When did you first visit? When did you last visit? And what did you eat there?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.