Reader: Chef & Brew venue didn't fit a great concept

Were you at Chef & Brew, which paired some of the town's top toques with some of its best brews? Lori Midson was; she helped judge the event. And so was Mantonat -- which is why he was not at Westword's Denver Web Awards, to pick up the prize for Best Commenter on Westword.com -- an honor he won with his always entertaining, always informative comments on Cafe Society. See also: - Meet the Denver 2012 #Web Award Winners - Chef & Brew 2012 crowns food and beer winners - Slide Show: Chef & Brew 2012 - Chef and Tell: Elise Wiggins of Panzano

For example, here's Mantonat's take on Chef & Brews:

It's unfortunate that the venue was such a poor fit for the event. In 3 hours, I only got to try 8 of the 12 beer/food combos. Just about everything I tried was great though, so I'd definitely go back if they do it again next year, but only if it's at a bigger venue or outdoor location.

Did you go to Chef and Brews? What did you think? And what do you think has been the best culinary event of the year? Post your nominations below.

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