Mark and Carrie Stein at the Chowder Room.
Mark and Carrie Stein at the Chowder Room.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Chowder Room Was One of My Favorite "Secret" Spots, But Word Is Out

Last week Mark Antonation visited the Chowder Room at 560 South Broadway, to talk with owners Matt and Carrie Stein about how two New Yorkers (and former high-school sweethearts) wound up in landlocked Denver with a seafood restaurant. And a seafood restaurant that local diners are definitely sweet on, judging by this comment from Jan:

The Chowder Room is one of my favorite "secret" restaurants, but now word is out...

Making a meal here even sweeter is the current deal on Maine lobster, selling at market price — currently $22 per pound. Find more details on the Chowder Room website. Have you been to the Chowder Room? What's your favorite seafood spot in Denver?

Maine lobster at Chowder Room.
Maine lobster at Chowder Room.
Chowder Room

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