Reader: Chubby's Has Denver's Best Walk-up Window!

While there are many

small restaurants

in Denver, some eateries are so tiny that they're really nothing more than walk-up windows. We posted a

list of five of these little spots

last week -- which led to a big debate on the burgers at Grandpa's Burger Haven.

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Says Zoeanne:

Best burgers ever

Responds Legen Dairy:

Not a fan of Burger Haven. Too much bread and no meat. All about Bourbon Grill.

And then there's this from Noah:

How on earth is Chubby's not on this list?!

Good question, Noah. We love the original Chubby's on West 38th Avenue, which started life as a drive-in burger joint, turned into a Mexican joint in the late '60s, and never added a dining area. But there are always rumors that it will, and in the meantime, there are several tables outside, as well as a bench inside -- and with its well-deserved reputation as a Denver institution, Chubby's just seems like so much more than a walk-up window.

What other walk-up spots did we miss? Post your suggestions below.

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