Reader: City, O' City criticism shows that vegetarians can be cranky, too

After a five-week makeover, the expanded City, O' City made its debut yesterday -- to both raves and rants. The vegetarian restaurant has merged its original home -- which was once the home of its sibling, WaterCourse Foods -- with the space next door, gaining twice as much dining area, a patio, an open kitchen, a coffee bar....and a lot of cranky comments.

Which prompted this from SimmerDown:

I guess removing meat from the diet doesn't necessarily make one less cranky, as evidenced by the "waaah, I won't go there now!" crowd. Jesus.

The most remarkable thing about the place was that it was often filled with grunge types that appeared on the surface to be relaxed, but were so uptight that their ipads and smartphones had imbedded fingerprints from poking with the force of a drill press while the veins in their neck bulged the rage and anxiety because they hadn't heard from that souless banker about the loan application for that new coffee-yoga-dog washing emporium that is the next BIG THING.

Thankfully the bartenders are quick with a drink and refills.

So don't go. The view out the windows will be better without the whine in our ears.

Have you seen the new City, O' City? What did you think? Post your thoughts below, or join the City, O City conversation already under way here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.