The doorway to City, O' City, a vegetarian mecca.
The doorway to City, O' City, a vegetarian mecca.
Chelsea Keeney

Reader: City, O' City Does Many Things Right — But Can Get Dinged for Slow Service

City, O' City recaptured the crown as Best Vegetarian Restaurant award in the Best of Denver 2015, but there's also a lot for non-vegetarians to enjoy at the restaurant...even if service can be sporadic, according to readers. Says Sporobolus:

City, O' City does so many things right — variety & creativity of food, atmosphere, beer menu, hours … but they sometimes get dinged for their service. I think that's because when it's busy, the kitchen can be slow, so come with patience; the staff is skilled and hard-working, so just check in with them instead of chewing them out and you'll enjoy yourself.

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Have you eaten at City, O' City? What did you think of the food? The service?

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