Reader: City, O' City's new menu is a winner

After a month-long renovation and expansion project, City, O' City reopened in September to both raves and rants from fans of what had been a casual hipster hangout, and is now twice as big and much more polished.

Veggie Girl had loved the original City, so she was a little nervous about trying the new, improved City this past Sunday -- but she found not only familiar favorites on the menu, but new dishes from chef Brandon Doyle that "tickled our tastebuds."

Sbuckyl, too, finds City not just bigger, but better:

My wife and I just had dinner there last night. It has become a regular stop for meatless Mondays.

I would have to agree that the new menu is a winner. The shisito peppers are indeed wonderful, although we usually get the tempura option as a change of pace from the usual grilled variety. The soy reduction drizzled on the top is pretty amazing.

Two other favorites are the Udon noodle bowl, with an amazingly rich broth, and the odd but delicious savory waffle, covered in various veggies and cheese.

But critics have written some ugly comments about this City, O' City, and soon after it reopened, owner Dan Landes responded with this: I did my best to build something beautiful.". What's your opinion of this new, pretty City?

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