Word of Mouth

Reader: Coloradans Should Never Discuss Green Chile in Polite Company

Chile season is heating up, and chiles from Pueblo, Commerce City and other hot spots are beginning to show up at local farmers' markets. Just a taste of the Hacienda Maize jelly featured at a Colorado Proud pop-up picnic on August 1 inspired us to stir things up, again, by reposting our Ten Best Green Chiles in Denver — Summer 2015 Edition. Hungry yet? There's another pop-up picnic today at the Broomfield Farmers' Market from 4 to 7 p.m. today. And in the meantime, here are a few cautionary words from Mike:
Westword should know better by now. There are just some things Coloradans don't discuss in polite company, Religion, politics and where one can get the best green chile. Especially when NM folks/transplants chime in.
But when the smell of roasting chiles begins permeating Federal Boulevard and other major thoroughfares in Denver, it's hard not to think about green chile. What green chile are you craving right now?

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