Reader: Colorado Doesn't Have the Best Green Chile -- But It Does Have Beer

Baby, it's cold outside -- but a good plate of green chile could warm you up fast. Mark Antonation has been spooning up green chile all over town in this month's Ethniche series, which most recently saw him at La Fuente, which makes a good green. By Colorado standards, at least: Some critics think the only real green chile is in New Mexico.

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Says Marcos: Looks like the only people defending Colorado's chile are those natives who have never had New Mexico green chile. Everybody who has had both are pretty much in agreement across the board. So Colorado loses on the green chile question....

Hey, you still have beer.....

We've had many green chile debates before, but until you have time to shovel the snow off your car, a heated discussion of one of Denver's favorite foods could be just the thing to fire you up. Assuming you can get out of your house, where will you be going for green chile today? La Fuente? Brewery Bar II? La Fiesta? Benny's?

And where will you be drinking that good Colorado beer?

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