Mac and cheese at Hops & Pie.
Mac and cheese at Hops & Pie.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Combine a Trendy Bar and Dispensary With a Smoking Area, and You'll Make a Killing

Close to 300 restaurants opened in metro Denver in 2014, and while some of them introduced new concepts to the areas, many relied on new versions of tried-and-true favorites: Chicken and waffles. Burgers. Mac and cheese.

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Says Darnell24:

I bet 90 percent of them sell chicken and waffles and pretend the dish is somehow edgy. Another 80 percent of them think putting an egg on a hamburger is so modern and hip. Thirty percent of them think putting frozen lobster or truffle oil in the mac and cheese will give them the right to sell the side dish for $12. Another 30 percent will hype that their fries are "house-cut." If somebody could combine a bar and a dispensary with a smoking area, they could make a killing.

What restaurant trends do you predict we'll see in the metro area in 2015?

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