Reader: Come on, Westword -- where are the new trucks bringing creativity to the scene?

Since gourmet food trucks first rolled out in Denver four years ago, with the Steuben's truck leading the way, their popularity has shown no sign of slowing down. New ventures are joining the lineup all the time, including Chuey FU, which made our list of ten food trucks to follow in Denver this summer See also: Ten food trucks to follow this summer

Says afoodie4life:

It's nice that you do this, but does it really need to be the same trucks year after year -- or trucks with storefronts? Kudos on including newcomer Chuey Fu's -- he is definitely doing new and interesting things on the streets of Denver. However, where are the other new trucks that are bringing innovation and creativity to the food truck scene in Denver?

Instead of praising those trucks that have been doing the same (wonderful) things year after year, isn't it time to recognize some of the food trucks that are busting their humps trying to re-invent street food in Denver? There are plenty of them: Farm to Truck, The Comfortable Food Truck, East Coast Joe's, The Cilantro Truck?

Come on, Westword -- break away from the old and get with the new food truck scene in Denver. It's vibrant, it's creative and, most importantly, it's incredibly delicious!!

And then there's this from williestortz:

Steuben's is the Walmart of food trucks.

What are your favorite food trucks in Denver -- old or new?

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