Reader: Comparing Qdoba and Chipotle Is Like Comparing Burger King and McDonald's

Last week Mark Antonation compared a barbacoa Chipotle burrito to a barbacoa Qdoba burrito -- and found that despite Qdoba's new, no-charge-for-extras policy, the Chipotle burrito was a better deal. When we shared the experiment on our news blog yesterday, more than a hundred readers weighed in, serving up opinions and Qdoba and Chipotle as well as other favorites that weren't part of the challenge. Benny's, for example, and El Taco de Mexico, and and Illegal Pete's, another homegrown chain that will open its seventh store on Thursday in Fort Collins -- and yes, under the name Illegal Pete's. See also: The Toppings War: Qdoba Vs. Chipotle

Carlos is a Pete's fan:

Illegal Pete's is better, but to stay on topic here i would rather eat Chipotle than Qdoba -- but to tell you the truth, they are both pretty much copies of each other, It's like comparing Burger King and McDonald's, if you ask me.

Ow! That can't come as good news for two homegrown chains (and never mind Chipotle's historic connection with McDonald's.) Which of the local burrito chains is your favorite? And is there an independent that tops them all?

What's your go-to burrito spot?

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