Reader: Corner House? Why review the same places Westword rants about all the time?

When she chooses the restaurants she will review, Gretchen Kurtz balances many concerns. Is the restaurant located in a part of town she hasn't written about lately? Does it serve a kind of cuisine she hasn't reviewed lately? Is it expensive or economical? A celebrated spot or a secret? Is it old or new -- but not too new to review?

When Matt Selby announced last fall that he was leaving the Vesta group for a kitchen of his own at Corner House, a new restaurant opening in Jefferson Park, it created quite a buzz on the Denver dining scene. Corner House recently passed the three-month mark, and Kurtz reviews the place this week. See also: - Review: Chef Matt Selby has found a home at Corner House - When Matt Selby moved to Corner House, did he trade up? - Matt Selby leaving Vesta group for Corner House

But at least one reader wondered about her choice. Says FoodCrazy:

Gretchen -- you're always reviewing the same places that Westword rants about all the time. The places you review may all be new to you but they aren't to many of us. Please try going out of the mainstream and turn us on to some new different places for a big fat change. Thanks.

What places would you like Gretchen Kurtz to review? Post your suggestions below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.