Doug Odell stands by Odell's bottles.
Doug Odell stands by Odell's bottles.
Odell Brewing

Reader: Craft Beer in a Can Is as Bad as Wine in a Can!

For years Odell Brewing was a holdout, but now Colorado's third-largest craft-brewer plans to start canning beer in November. "It wasn't so long ago that I totally dismissed the can idea," says Wynne Odell, who founded Odell Brewing in 1989 with her husband, Doug, and Doug's sister Corkie. "But then our progression changed over times as we saw what our peers were doing." The brewery will start by canning Odell IPA and 90 Shilling — but not everyone is applauding the move. Says Robert: 

If it is not available on tap or in a BOTTLE, I simply will not buy it! No different than buying wine in a can! Ever see that shit? Canned beer/ale is also shit.

Responds Brenton:

Actually, you are wrong. There is decent wine in a can. You, sir, are an idiot.

Who's the idiot here? What do you think of canned beer? Canned wine?

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