Reader: Denver IPAs are like hipster water

When Trinity Brewing founder Jason Yester created the recipe for Red Swingline, a hoppy IPA that is also cheek-puckeringly sour, his goal was to make something "signature American." But in doing so, he may have helped to pioneer a style that beer drinkers in the rest of the country will eventually associate specifically with Colorado. And at least one reader is very sour on that idea... See also: Is Red Swingline Colorado's defining beer? Trinity Brewing will release six versions in July

Says Jennifer:

What the actual f_ck is with all the IPAs in Denver brewing? I don't get it. It's like hipster water. Ick, ick, and more ick. Give me a nice stout, something hearty, not bitter crap that tastes like old pond water.

As Colorado Craft Beer Week draws to a close, it's time to spill your favorite brews. What do you think of IPAs? What do you think is the best beer in town?

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