Rioja may be downtown's most-lauded restaurant.
Rioja may be downtown's most-lauded restaurant.
courtesy Rioja

Reader: Denver Is a Great Place With Lots to Do — and Fantastic Restaurants

Denver was recently named the Best Place to Live in the United States by U.S. News and World Report, an honor we celebrated with our Twelve Reasons Why Denver Is the Best Place to Live. But one reader thought our piece was overly positive — in fact, he wondered how much Governor Hickenlooper had paid for it — and when we published that note about "declining Denver" from Mike this weekend, responses from other readers poured in. Thoughtful responses, like this one from Jason: 

Not sure what "Denver" this guy lives in. I was born here and have been to other cities. Denver is a great place, safer than most, with a booming economy and lots to do. 

This guy complains about downtown on the weekends, that there's little option for commerce. Maybe he should walk over to the theater that is one of the best in the country, or dine at one of the fantastic restaurants. 

If you live in a dark bubble, you can't see all that is good around you. If you despite Denver, there are lots of other places you can live. 

Where would you send visitors to eat in downtown Denver? How about Rioja? Chef/owner Jennifer Jasinski is a finalist for Outstanding Chef in the James Beard Awards.

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