Great Divide's new design for Denver Pale Ale.
Great Divide's new design for Denver Pale Ale.
Josh Holland

Reader: Denver Is Changing — But Does Denver Pale Ale Have to Change?

Denver has grown a lot in the twenty years since Great Divide Brewing began making a pale ale named for the city, and next month the beer will change with the times as well. Originally an English-style pale ale, it will be a completely American ale, with a slightly lower alcohol content. “It has been a great beer for us,” Great Divide founder Brian Dunn told us. “It has won three or four medals at the Great American Beer Festival and is number three for us in terms of volume. But we wanted to make the beer more contemporary, and we wanted to have a Denver-specific beer as a nod to the support we’ve gotten over the past 22 years since we were founded.” 

But will craft-beer fans support the change? Says Fran:

Sure, Denver is changing — but does that mean Denver Pale Ale has to change? No!

Adds Charlie: 

Taking down the alcohol percentage is like saying that all these recent transplants have diluted Denver.

Adds Robert: 

Changing your character to appeal to modern taste trends. Yep, that's the "New Denver" pale ale.

Concludes Derek: 

BOOOOOOOOO. This is my favorite local brew. Hopefully the taste doesn't change too much.

Do you drink Denver Pale Ale? Will you try the new version?

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