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Reader: Denver Needs Fewer "Concepts" and More Small, Chef-Driven Restaurants

The Way Back: May we have some more, please?
The Way Back: May we have some more, please? Mark Antonation
This week, Laura Shunk shared the predictions and resolutions of Denver chefs and restaurateurs, who hope for everything from better breakfasts to better service. And then there's this from David: 
I'd really like to see an end to the race to see how many restaurant "concepts" a successful local chef can create. You can't be in five to ten restaurants at the same time, so all of them suffer. Make one or two really fine restaurants (not "concepts") your focus and put them on the national culinary scene: "concepts" are for chains, not fine dining. We need more restaurants like To the Wind and The Way Back — fine small, chef-driven restaurants.
Kaye's complaint is more specific: 
Yeah, just what we need: $15 cocktails with $2 worth of ingredients.
What would you like to see more of in 2017? What would you like to see disappear?
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