Reader: Denverites sure have a thin skin when it comes to criticism of the food scene

We've just published our annual Best of Denver issue, which includes more than a hundred awards in the Food and Drink section alone, all for winning restaurants, chefs and dishes that make the Denver dining scene something worth celebrating. For instance, there's Rioja, which just won Best Chef's Counter, almost ten years after Jen Jasinski and Beth Gruitch opened their restaurant, it's better than ever, and Jasinski was just name-checked by USA Today. But despite such accolades, one reader thinks that the scene still has a long way to go....

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Says Marlon:

I love Denver. Been living here for years. But people around here sure have a thin skin when it comes to criticism of the food scene. And I think this attitude, at least in part, contributes to the city's continued lackluster culinary culture.

Maybe it's time to admit most of the eateries in Denver, when compared to other large cities (e.g., Chicago), just aren't that good. And then maybe -- just maybe -- we will begin to vote with our wallets, market forces will work their magic, and we'll find ourselves with Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern restaurants on par with...Omaha.

How thin is Denver's skin? Find more of this discussion here.

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