Reader: Denver's Beer Is Better Than Any Barbecue Here

Since a reader labeled Denver's barbecue scene "atrocious," readers have poured out their ideas of where to go for good Texas-style, good KC-style, good Carolina-style 'cue. Still others have suggested that instead of worrying about barbecue, local diners should focus on what this city does well, including green chile. And what does Colorado do even better than green chile?

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Says klein4111:

There are some outstanding BBQ joints in the places recognized as the homes of the various BBQ styles, but there's also a load of really mediocre places, too. I've had some great meals in those areas, but I've also had a lot of really lackluster stuff from locals who claim they "really know their BBQ." Denver's better places aren't really any worse than a lot of the places in these areas.

What we do have here is beer. It's done in a way that blows the doors off what comes out of ANY BBQ mecca mentioned in these comments. I can live with that.

It actually seems like a pretty decent trade-off, in my opinion.

What do you think of Colorado's craft beer scene? Drink enough, and you'll forget barbecue -- "atrocious" or not.

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