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Reader: Denver's Pizza May Not Be East Coast Style, But It's Still a Winner

There's going to be a lot of pizza ordered today in Denver — much of it from Papa John's, since Peyton Manning bought 21 Denver-area franchises back in 2012 (and since the chain is offering a free pizza tomorrow to anyone who spends at least $15 online with Papa John's today.) Just about everyone in Denver can agree that Peyton Manning deserves to be a winner, but those same people fight tooth and marinara over who makes the best pizza in town. Last month we published our list of the Ten Best Pizza Places in Denver (none a Papa John's, by the way), and the response was immediate. Where was Mama Olivia's? Enzo's End? Carl's? Romano's? And what about Frank's the Pizza King, still going strong after more than fifty years: Responds Zac:
In case you needed additional information to support the fact that there are really dumb people everywhere... these yahoos probably think that Mickey D's has the best "burger" and that "Taco" Hell has great tacos. Jackass trollers.
And others think there's no good pizza in Denver at all. Says Jason:
 Denver is chock full of medicroe pizza. Hard to beat the East Coast in this...
Adds Ryan: 
One of the very few reasons to not live in Colorado is bread/pizza.
Responds Mike:
If you think that, then go back to where you came from. I lived in Manhattan, Chicago, London, Paris and Singapore. Our pizza may not be the same as those, but it is its own beast and pretty solid.
And let's give Jeremy the final word...for now.
Apparently they've never been to Cosmos high as fuck at 1 a.m. I beg to differ.
What's your favorite pizza in Denver? 
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