Torchy's Tacos is getting ready to open.
Torchy's Tacos is getting ready to open.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Did Torchy's Research How Many Great Taco Places Denver Already Has?

Torchy's Tacos, that Texas import, won't open its first Denver location until January 12, but the Torchy's sign lit up last week at 1085 Broadway, and that inspired quite an illuminating discussion of Torchy's and tacos in general. Says Chris:

Torchy's is amazingly good! Maybe Denver will now know what tacos (and especially breakfast tacos) are supposed to taste like! And without being douched in that nasty pork chili crap.


Denver will learn what real tacos are!!

Counters Brian: 

Didn't know Texas tacos was an actual taco. Lived in Austin. What's amazing is their Mexican food is mostly awful. Their tacos are just tacos. Same as anywhere. To each their own but don't get it at all

Adds Thom:

Just ate at one in Austin yesterday. It was a decent $4.25 street taco, if you get my sarcasm. I guess Torchy's needs to keep expanding, but do you think they did any research into how many great taco places Denver already has!?!?!

And then there's this from Andrea: 

Can someone please enlighten me on where I can find these amazing taco places in Denver everyone is always taking about?? I'm struggling to find them.

Where do you go for Tacos in Denver? Will you go to Torchy's?

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