Reader: Diners need to learn how to behave during Denver Restaurant Week

As Denver Restaurant Week entered its second week this past weekend (yes, the official "week" is two weeks long, with the promotion running through March 11 -- and longer, at some spots), it sounds like some servers are getting tired....and tired of bad behavior.

Downtown and Disgruntled, for example, who posted this in our DRW comments section early Sunday morning -- with six days still remaining!

You should start a second contest for restaurant employees, who had to serve the worst guests, because a lot of you need to learn how to act in a restaurant and not be such assholes. You know who you are, you'll probably never venture downtown again until next February and March. Go fuck yourselves.

D&D, we feel your pain: Although many diners know just what a deal they're getting during Denver Restaurant Week and behave accordingly, we've heard some horror stories, too.

So in addition to the EatDenver decks we'll be giving to diners with the two best/worst stories about DRW, we're going to give an additional EatDenver deck to the restaurant-industry employee with the best/worst story. (Although we'll need to verify the winner's place of employment, we'll keep it confidential.)

Start spilling!

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