Reader: District Meats didn't work, but will a tavern? Sorry, Charlie

Six months after District Meats opened in a space that hsd already swallowed up a big-time national restaurant operator (the Chodorows, who'd brought Big Game to Denver as well as an outpost of Il Fornaio), another big-time national restaurateur has stepped in to change up his LoDo spot. "I'm renaming the restaurant, because there's been some confusion about whether or not it's a steakhouse, and while I've said from the beginning that it's not a steakhouse, from a consumer, client and even press point of view, the consensus has been that we are a steakhouse," Charlie Palmer told Lori Midson.

In fact, the goal is to be a modern American tavern, so as of next Tuesday, the place will be Charlie Palmer's District Tavern, which will no longer serve lunch and tweak its dinner menu to feature "lighter dishes that have more of a regional and seasonal emphasis," Palmer says. But there will still be meat.

Lots of luck, says UncleDave8:

Sorry Charlie. When you cut back your hours (26 hours a week - really?) and re-think your menu it's pretty clear you've missed the Denver market. If you'd come in and done "Charlie Palmer" with guns blazing you could have probably made your mark but we didn't need another glorified Applebee's. Will Denver give you a second chance? We shall see. Personally, based on my experiences in your other restaurants around the country, I think you could have come in and blown the competition out of the market but you dumbed down your concept - too bad. We'll pay the money here but we want to be dazzled which you clearly can do. You just didn't.

Will you be dazzled by Charlie Palmer's District Tavern? Post your thoughts below, or join the folks already chewing on this topic here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.