Reader: Do you smoke so much pot you can't stop thinking of doughnuts?

Denver has been rolling in doughnuts lately, with new Dunkin' Donuts outlets popping up all over town and the first out-of-state store of the Portland-based Voodoo Doughnut making magic on East Colfax. And this Friday, Glazed & Confuzed will finally open its brick-and-mortar spot on Leetsdale. That, coupled with last Friday's National Donut Day, inspired us to roll out our list of the top ten doughnuts in Denver.

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Christopher was not impressed:

How many more times can you rehash the donut story? REALLY? Do you smoke so much pot you forget? Or do you smoke so much pot you can't stop thinking of donuts? It really galls me that as young people, your writers have access to provide so much ACTUAL information to people...why waste a wonderful outlet to voice something REAL and INFORMATIVE on this crap for like the 10th time I have seen SOME version of "The Denver Donut Debate."

Or are you really just a magazine for MMJ ads and "Massage"?

No matter how many times we debate Denver doughnuts, our readers always have more to say on the subject. But what informative food topics would you rather be reading about? Post your suggestions below...

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