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Reader: Does Chipotle Have a Social Justice Obligation Simply Because It Serves Tortillas?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is everywhere -- on street corners and in the news. Yesterday the company announced that its fourth quarter earnings rose 52 percent. Bloomberg Business just published "The Definitive Oral History of Chipotle," a fascinating look at the $22 billion burrito business that Steve Ells started in a former Dolly Madison in the University of Denver area -- all through the words of those involved. And speaking of words, the company and author Jonathan Safran Foer just released a second round of the "Cultivating Thought" series, which puts literary excerpts on the side of Chipotle cups -- none of those thoughts from Mexican authors, despite the fact that Chipotle bills itself as a "Mexican grill."

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Says Ryan:
Is there some sort of obligation simply because they serve tortillas? The misguided Social Justice Warrior schtick is so hilarious.
Says Rob:
Guacamole is cultural appropriation? Wouldn't putting Mexican authors on soda cups truly be cultural appropriation?

But here's the word from Gustavo Arellano, author of Ask a Mexican:

But the fact remains: When curating author Jonathan Safran Foer had another chance to expose hipster America to Chicano or Mexican authors, he chose not to. And the question must be asked: Why? How rarefied is Safran Foer's world that he couldn't find a single Mexi author to contribute a couple of hundred words?
Read Arellano's complete piece here, and see many more comments here.

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