Reader: Does Denver Really Have a Taste for Cured Meats?

ll Porcellino Salumi has hit a few rough spots, but this month owners Bill Minor and Brian Albano hope to finally get the doors at 4334 West 41st Avenue open — and they gave neighbors at last week's First Friday on Tennyson Street a taste of what to expect. But Jacob isn't sure that taste will be enough, and says:

Does Denver really have an appetite for cured meats? Pig & Block and Il Mondo Vecchio have already tried the salumeria/charcuterie concept and failed within a year or so of opening. Stuff like this takes years to perfect and I fear Denver diners are too fleeting and transitory to make something like this a success.

June has higher hopes:

Jacob, Is it really necessary to post negative comments about a business you've never been to.... I'm excited to check out Il Porcellino, the newest addition to my neighborhood dining scene.

Do you think the time is right for a salumeria/charcuterie? Will you head to Tennyson to try Il Porcellino?

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