Reader: Don't Blame Gentrification, Blame a Bad Business Model

Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed

The Noshery

, a bakery-cafe that she says is the

kind of place every neighborhood needs

. But does the neighborhood itself need to change? That's a big question across northwest Denver, including the area by Regis University where Andrea Knight opened the Noshery.

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Says Marcelino:

The Noshery opened right across the street from a neighborhood coffee shop but because it catered to the people who have decimated the cultural roots of the neighborhood, it has garnered attention while the staple from that neighborhood recently closed down. Gotta love gentrification.

Responds Anna:

I'm so pleased the Noshery opened in my neighborhood. The food is delicious and the service is friendly, 2 qualities that I rarely experienced at the old coffee shop. Don't blame Gentrification, blame a bad business model.

What do you think about the changes in northwest Denver? In older neighborhoods across the city?

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