Reader: Don't expect good food at a sports bar with ninety televisions

Stuck in the suburbs, Lori Midson wound up looking not at one of the ninety TVs, but at an order of really, really bad nachos. Where was she? This question racked up a record number of guesses, but it turns out the first guess was the right one: Buffalo Wild Wings. See also: Best Nachos 2013 at the Pioneer

Here's a sample of the discussion on that Guess Where post: Says Angie:

I don't know where you are, but it's your own fault for expecting good food at a sports bar with 90 televisions. Clearly their priority isn't great food. Kind of like how I don't go to Westword for great content.

And then there's this from Priya:

You guys eat at too many Mexican "Guess Where I'm Eating" spots, and now are giving this place free advertising! Branch out and diversify your cultural culinary forays....there are many other places to which you can give your kudos!

We're not sure that that renowned Mexican joint, Buffalo Wild Wings, is going to appreciate this free advertising, but we know that our readers like nachos. What places deserve our kudos? Who do you think has the best nachos in town?

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