Reader: Don't get me started on "foam" -- I was so hungry I was ready to eat the wainscoting

Stephen McCary, the chet at Mizuna and subject of this week's Chef and Tell interview, would love to see the words "molecular gastronomy" die. And this confession prompted several readers to serve up other culinary terms they'd like to see disappear: "nose to tail," "chef driven," "gastropub", "farm to table," "fusion." See also: Stephen McCary, chef of Mizuna: "I'd love it if the words 'molecular gastronomy' would die

Says Valerie:

Do you know I had a SALAD Granita? OMG and do not get me started on foam. I went to one of these high-end restaurants with some colleagues as our boss wanted us to have one of those "mandatory fun" type of nights. He chose the menu. I was so starving I was ready to eat the fake wainscoting on the wall.

What culinary terms would you like to see disappear? More to the point, what culinary concoctions should never again appear on your plate?

Read the first half of the interview with Stephen McCary here, and watch for our second installment later this morning.

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