Reader: Don't listen to your body, Rachel, listen to me!

Just because you eat gently does not mean that you comment gently.

As the discussion continues over the Chef and Tell interview with Rachel Kesley of WaterCourse Foods, the knives are coming out. And the thoughtful, creative Kesley is apparently fresh meat.

Exhibit A: This post from fraggle303:

You're a sellout to your principles Rachel. Fish suffer too. You can totally live without raw-fish sushi, the vegetarian sushi is still yummy and very much safer, not full of mercury, blood, parasites and bacteria like the fish is. But it's a moot point: the oceans will be empty in a few more years.

I've heard the "listen to your body" story a million times. This is superstitious claptrap, the justification talk of an addict whose willpower has failed. Your "low energy" crisis was clearly just from having a nutritional (probably B12) and/or calorie deficiency, easily corrected with supplements and/or more food! Not more killing and raping of the oceans...

Try basing your arguments on facts!

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