Reader: Eating at The Source makes me feel like I'm eating in the basement of a fraternity

Hundreds of restaurants have opened in metro Denver in 2013, with more hurrying to open their doors before the end of the year. Some are reincarnations of earlier restaurants, others are completely new to the scene. Many are far too new to have been reviewed -- but already look like welcome additions. Yesterday we posted our list of the

25 most promising restaurants of 2013

(so far), but some readers think a few of those restaurants don't live up to their promise.

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Says WillieStortz:

Acorn is good but it just feels like the redheaded stepchild of Oak at Fourteenth.

I know the hipsters love The Source but it makes me feel like I'm eating in the basement of a fraternity. If someone threw up a couple folding chairs and called it a semi-formal. Not the type environment I expect when I'm throwing down $85 for a pork shoulder.

I'm looking most forward to checking out the Lower 48 and the Plimoth. A couple of chefs really looking to make a name for themselves.

How many of our 25 most promising restaurants of 2013 have you tried? Which did you like best? And if you missed the post, you can see our slideshow here.

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