Reader: Eco-Burger needs to find a spot outside of Cherry Creek

Wednesday was a tough day for independent Denver restaurants. Virgilio Urbano closed his original Virgilio's near Belmar ; he's concentrating on the second place he opened earlier this year in Littleton, Virgilio's Pizzeria and Wine Bar.

And David Pellegrin and his wife, Rebekah Donovan Pellegrin, closed Eco-Burger, the joint they opened a year ago in Cherry Creek.

They've promised to reopen elsewhere, prompting suggestions from readers that next time, they put their place far away from the Cherry Cricket. And then there's this from RP2012:

for sure one of my fave joints to eat a burger at in denver, hands down. although a few grass-fed beef options have popped up in colorado, you can still count them on one hand. SALT in Boulder and now the new food truck OG Burgers, and a few others hidden on some menu's, but Eco-Burger was the best for fast-casual and had lots of great sides and toppings and all the good stuff a quality burger joint needs. the sad thing was and has always been location. the concept is great and will easily beat out many others competing in the denver burger craze, but being hidden in cherry creek with it's high rent and low foot traffic (at the end) was just bad news from the start. most of those places in that area survive because of their booze license. wish i had the perfect suggestion as to where to go, but it's a toss-up. and sadly both places i would suggest have beaten you guys to the punch. Larkburger jumped into that great spot on alameda, and diego zhangs or whatever has that spot in streets at southglenn. both would have been good for eco burger, and not just the summer season. anyway, hope you can keep the concept in denver!

Have a suggestion for the next Eco-Burger location? Post it below.

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