Moringa, the taste of 2015?
Moringa, the taste of 2015?

Reader: Enjoy Your Trendy Food Trucks, Edibles and Boiled BBQ Ribs, Denver

What will be the big food trends in Denver in 2015? Paleo and pickling are both going strong, and hemp seeds are popping up on menus across town. And then there's moringa, an import from Africa that's been compared to spirulina and wheat grass. Yum! See also: Five Five Trends to Watch in 2015

Darnell24 is not impressed:

Look out, Denver, your atrocious food scene is about to heat up with these hot new food trends. Now you can have your horrible BBQ with fermented hemp seeds. It won't be long before some loser opens a food truck called Sparrow & Moringa, selling kimchi-infused hot dogs with hemp mustard.

Seriously, if you thought Denver's food scene already sucked, 2015 is shaping up to be the worst ever. Enjoy your food trucks, edibles and boiled BBQ ribs...it's nothing a little smothering of green chile can't make worse.

What do you see as the hot trends on the Denver dining scene?

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