Reader: Enough Bitching and Bitterness -- How About Some Positive Things About This Place?

Red-sauce joints have been closing all over town, but there are still plenty to celebrate. Still, our list of the ten best old-school Italian restaurants in Denver led to a lengthy discussion of changes in northwest Denver -- officially Highland, but known for decades as the Northside, and once the heart of this city's Italian community. While one reader praises the changes in Berkeley to the West, another blames yuppies for ruining the culture of the Northside.

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To that, says DarlingCR:

As a native of Northern NJ, this article is adorable.

Emily doesn't appreciate the discussion subject:

Dear writers of Westword: If you hate Denver so much, move. I'm not sure what's happened to you within the past couple of weeks, but your negative-ass stories are becoming increasingly whiny and annoying. How about some positive things about this place for a change! Denver has great people, weather, places, legal pot, music, and a crazy amount of fun and diverse activities/festivals to brag about. I hear enough bitching and bitter-minded comments at work, and considered your mag to be a refreshing piece of reading material for a long time. Hopefully you'll get your minds right by the next round of stories, or else I may have to consider your content as "shitty news" just like the rest of 'em.

How's this for positive? We'll let Bill sum up this round:

Restaurants come and restaurants go in this town, but there is no question that any restaurant must stress quality in all aspects from the kitchen to the front podium. Those that don't, go and should go. As note some go because their owners are tired and we'll miss not them , but what they were for many years and we'll find new pleasures in dining. With the exception of the ultra-ultra white glove boutiques in cities such as New York and San Francisco, I'll match Denver with any other city for quality and realistic value of what its restaurants serve.

That wraps up this round of discussion on the changes in the Northside/Highland. Is there an area of Denver that's changed more over the past decade? Which changes have been good? Which bad?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.