If only the new airport hotel fit in this well...
If only the new airport hotel fit in this well...

Reader: Even With Craft Beer, New Hotel Will Diminish Cool Architecture of Airport

The new Westin at Denver International Airport will open next month, and while there won't be a craft brewery on-site when the hotel makes its debut, a half dozen proposals were submitted to DIA to put not just a brewpub, but an actual brewery in the place. (The deal will also award a couple of burger spots in the airport itself, as well as a coffee stop.) But will fresh Colorado craft beer be enough to wipe out the bad taste left by the hotel design? Not according to Matt:

I hate it. It's like they did everything they could to diminish the unique and very cool architecture of the airport. It's a cliche of a cliche disguised as architecture.

What do you think of the airport hotel design? What beer would you like to see served there?

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