Reader: Every Ignorant Redneck in Denver Complains That the BBQ Sucks

After we served up our summer 2015 edition of the Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver, readers quickly weighed in: Where was Golden's Tin Star? Longmont's Georgia Boys? Or Jabo's, which had made the summer 2014 list? And then there's Robert, who thinks Denver doesn't have any good 'cue. Responds Martin:

I hear this all the time...then I eat down South and have some terrible BBQ there. We have good BBQ here...just gotta look further than one or two places.

Adds John: 

Every ignorant redneck in the city complains that the BBQ sucks. Is all these people eat BBQ and Catfish?

Says Sudz:

Oh, puleeze! The bum BBQ rap is the same as the "no bagels, pizza, green chili, burger, burro, haute cuisine" or whatever tired putdown omission by some whiner who hasn't taken the time to search out what's available and instead prefers to wax on about how good it was whereever the cave was that they crawled out of. I've had plenty of solid BBQ of varied styles in Denver and found it far from lacking.

What do you think of the barbecue in Denver? Of the ten spots that made our list?

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