Reader: Everything about Spuntino's chocolate caramel tart is perfect

The 100 Favorite Dishes countdown continues, and No. 98 is the chocolate caramel sea salt tart from Spuntino, created by pastry expert Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, who's married to John Broening, an equally talented chef. They've recently revamped the restaurant, and Spuntino is now getting raves for many things -- but especially its desserts.

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Says spilla99:

Yum! My favorite dessert! And, I am a 100% certified chocoholic! Everything about this dessert is perfect. The chocolate is warm and soft, dark and delicious. The crust is buttery and rich but delicately thin, so it's not overwhelming (how DOES she do it?!). Yasmin's house-made gelato is creamy and lush, but not too heavy, and the sea salt caramel flavor pushes this dessert to the edge of decadence but not over the precipice into gluttonous excess. At least, I hope not, as I order it nearly every time I'm there!

Have you tried this dessert? Add your own suggestions for favorite dishes below, or go to the original Spuntino post, where The Jeff has already suggested many more worthy nominees.

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