Reader: Farm to table? How about Monsanto to mouth?

While consumers continue to dish dirt about the

lack of local farm produce at the area's farmers markets

, Kimberly put "farm to table" on the table as one of the

"Thirty overused, irritating and just plain awful food words and phrases that make our mouth hurt."

As Kimberly states her case;

"Farm to Table" is a personal pet peeve of mine...it's as if the person/establishment is trying to market something that should be a standard procedure. Honestly, is the alternative "Monsanto to Table" or "Processing Plant to Table" or "Chemistry Lab to Table?"

And Carly has her own list -- which includes a few regular offenders in Cafe Society:

Food porn!

Also: Spiked Studded Ribboned Quivering (to describe poached eggs, please leave this word to the trashy romance novels) Depth of flavors Scratchmade/made from scratch

Thanks, Carly -- you've cooked our goose to perfection!

Feel free to add more overused Westword words below.

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