Reader: Fat Sully's should take over Crimson Canary space

Business is soaring in the Baker neighborhood -- but even so, the Crimson Canary just didn't fly on Broadway. Saturday was the last night of service at this restaurant that specialized in "Boss Italian," a sophomore venture from the folks at Interstate Kitchen & Bar.

The spot had previously swallowed a second Mona's. Is this address destined to be a dining black hole? Or could another concept make it here?

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Says theglobalguy:

It's too bad, since their other restaurant is so good. The owners might have been the same, but the attitude of management between here and Interstate couldn't have been more different. The food was pretty decent and the bar staff was great, but the table service was pretty terrible.

I noticed that Fat Sully's kitchen seems to poke into the space...it'd be cool if they could take it over and add a sit-down option here like they have over on Colfax.

Is a bigger Fat Sully's the solution for this space? What else would you like to see on this stretch of Broadway?

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