Fat Tire's 3.2 label.
Fat Tire's 3.2 label.

Reader: Fat Tire Is a Gateway Beer Into Craft Brews

Although New Belgium has long made 3.2 beer for festivals, the brewery will now be selling 3.2 Fat Tire — which means 4 percent alcohol by volume, or 3.2 percent alcohol by weight — in cans and bottles in order to enter states with specific liquor requirements, like Utah. As a byproduct of this move (and Colorado's own peculiar alcohol rules), you could soon walk into a Colorado supermarket and pick up a twelve-pack of 3.2 Fat Tire — but don't expect these readers to get in line. Says Dennis:

Fat Tire is a gateway beer into craft beers. I have moved on to bigger and tastier beers.

Adds Steve:

Maybe some day Jack Daniels will start making bourbon that won't get me drunk either, just so I can enjoy the taste.  

Concludes Jeff:

3.2% beer made sense for 18-year-olds as training beer — not so much for adults.

Do you buy 3.2 beer? Will you buy the 3.2 Fat Tire?


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