Reader: Fed up with the word "foodie," but not real Mexican food

First, Denver places thirteenth on Travel + Leisure's list of the best American cities for foodies, then LivingSocial ranks it as the eleventh-best dining city overall.

When you drill down in the results of that survey, which queried 4,000 people in twenty top cities, you find some interesting observations -- among them, that Denverites, with their love of "adventurous" Mexican fare, are boring eaters. But is that a fair assessment?

Here's Mantonat's view:

A few things that strike me as interesting about this article:

1. Seems like there's plenty of room in the market for vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

2. If the people who put this together consider Mexican cuisine unadventurous, it's probably because they are considering typical Mexican restaurants in Seattle, Boston, or Minneapolis. Here in Denver, there are choices like buche, sesos, and trompa, to name a few, plus items from many regions of Mexico, not just typical Tex-Mex offerings.

3. "Foodie" and "locavore" are indeed hideous neologisms. I prefer "indiscriminate muncher" and "joyless-and-missing-out-on-a-ton-of-great-imported-foods".

Are you fed up with the word "foodie"? And with lists in general? Post your thoughts below. And for some truly adventurous Mexican food, head to the latest entry in our 100 Favorite Dishes to read about the mixiote de borrego at El Trompito Taqueria.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.