Reader: Federal Bar & Grill opened in a spot thirsty for a new bar

Federal Bar & Grill is now open in the former home of Micky Manor, right across a parking lot -- the bar's own parking lot! -- from Jack-n-Grill. There's not much grill yet to the bar, which occupies a circa 1904 fire station, but there are enough craft beers to put out any fire. And Mark Antonat, who's been eating his way up Federal Boulevard, isn't the only one who's happy to see this building back in business.

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Says chuckroast:

I'm glad another bar reopened in this spot, because it's the only bar on Federal between the Highlands and Sports Authority Field @ Mile High and that's just too far to walk or ride a bike without a beverage on the way to a Broncos game


Did you ever go to the Micky Manor? Do you miss the neon mouse signs that used to glow in the windows? What other long-gone landmarks do you miss?

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