Reader: Five Points Renaissance Is Just Code for Snotty Yupwads Colonizing the Place

Almost every Friday for two decades, I've driven up Welton Street on my way to the Colorado Public Television studios. Welton Street cuts right through Five Points -- in fact, it's one of the streets that creates the actual points. The story of this historic neighborhood stretches back more than a century; a prosperous African-American enclave, it was also a jumping jazz center celebrated by Jack Kerouac in On the Road. It's also long been considered one of the city's prime spots for future development, and some of that development finally arrived in 2014: Rosenberg's Bagels & Deli opened this summer, and Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House threw open its doors just in time for holiday celebrations -- and some hating from people who don't appreciate the changes in the historic neighborhood. See also: Dunbar Kitchen Opens in Former Five Points Barber Shop

Says dieyuppiescum:

We longtime Five Points residents deeply miss the barbershop. No thanks to an overzealous mayor sucking the tit of development companies, along with the unscrupulous price gouging of properties/commercial properties -- Five Points is nowhere as diverse as it used to be, due to rich white entitlement-minded snotty yuppies moving in and taking over everything. "Five Points renaissance" is just code for kicking the poor and middle class out and colonializing the place with said snotty white yupwads. It's a sad thing when the very things that made Denver a neat and unique place to live are gone, only to be taken over by cardboard cutout hangouts for white yuppies. Lame.

What do you think about what's happening in Five Points? Have you been to Rosenberg's? Dunbar?

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