Reader: Foie Gras Is a Product of Torture and Should Be Banned

After being banished from many conscious kitchens a decade ago, foie gras is making a comeback on menus around town, thanks to more "thoughtful practices" of companies that produce it. At Milk & Honey Bar-Kitchen, for example, which Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed, it's tucked inside powdered cashew brittle for foie gras bonbons. Says Khanh:

What exactly are the "thoughtful practices" when producing foie gras? I am okay with people choosing to eat it, but please don't pretend for one second that it's humane.

Responds Miki:

Agreed, except I'm not okay with people choosing to eat it. It's the product of torture. Disgusting. It should be banned.

Do you eat foie gras? If so, where? And if not, do you think it's all right for others to eat it — or should foie gras be banned? 

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