Reader: Folks from outta state are visiting Denver just to grub a bowl of pho on Feds

Mark Antonation has been eating his way along Federal Boulevard for over a year for our Federal Case series, but even as he moves up the street, new places open behind him. Lotus Vegetarian joined the lineup a few months ago, and now Pho Market Vietnamese will be going into the former home of another pho shop, right across the street from Lotus. Is there room for mo' pho on Federal?

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Says Hai-Life:

Denver's gotta have the most Pho joints per capita. Research?!?!?! That, or at least "Quality" Pho joints per capita because not only do you have new pho shops opening up on every main avenue or boulevard in the Vietnamese community, like liquor stores on every corner, folks from outta state are visiting Denver just to grub a bowl on Feds. Real talk. And it's grub when you're high, too, LOL. Gotta love 3o3!

What are your favorite pho spots in town? On Federal?

For a refresher course, read Mark Antonation's A Federal Case archive here.

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