Reader: Forget Barbecue -- Denver Should Play Up its Green Chile

The news that Krewe Crescent City BBQ had closed, joining a long list of now-shuttered barbecue joints around town, prompted one reader to share his opinion that Denver's barbecue is "atrocious." That, of course, inspired other readers to defend their favorite 'cue spots around town. And still others suggested that it's time for Denver to celebrate the specialities that really work here -- barbecue definitely not among them.

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Says Steve:

As a musician I have traveled this great country multiple times. Every region has a few staple items. Denver has never been known for its BBQ. Missouri, Texas, and maybe South Carolina and Georgia could be said to have the best. No one anywhere in the rest of the country is talking about BBQ in Denver....

Not to say Denver has nothing to offer on the culinary plate of choices. There is something special about the way green chile is thick, laden with pork and spicy here in Denver, and we should play that up! Also, we have some fine beef establishments, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and some especially good small, family-owned Mexican restaurants (a la Fritangas). Denver has just always seemed apprehensive to grab hold of something and make it a brand.

Just do it, Denver! Then you will be known for some staples

What are the staples for which Denver should be known? Post your suggestions below -- and read Mark Antonation's latest Ethniche on green chile right here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.