Reader: Forget throwing napkins -- throw in the towel!

Does your server need your help? If your server is Kyle Garratt, who offered up "How to help your server and how not to help" in his latest In the Weeds, just refrain from tossing a dirty napkin at him. Readers are throwing plenty of other things.

Notes Douglas Stiff:

I love the passion and fervor this topic has created!

And how. Because after reading another response, Elwood admits:

My Matt Selby man crush continues...

And the comment that inspired that?

This from Matt Selby:

2 things here...

1. Leave the napkin for the busser?! They don't serve food and drink? You are a fucking asshole. What about when you clear plates? What about when managers, chefs, hosts, and other coworkers clear plates? And touch napkins?

2. It's pretty natural to reach for the nearest fucking napkin, linen, what have you...when a glass of water, wine, cola, milk or whatever spills. Do you think I'm going to sit there still waiting for you while fucking milk spills down my kid's leg? Do you think that if I spilled wine across the table and onto my wife's lap that I'm going to wait for a fucking "pro"?! Quite frankly, I'd rather a guest take ownership for their spill, and the possible hazard on the floor, than fucking wait for a fucking pro.

Especially if that pro is Kyle Garratt, apparently.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.